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Fall in Love with Sitecore All Over Again this Valentine's Day

We love Sitecore, and we don’t care who knows it! To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, our team took the time to write some modern-day love notes, to our not so secret crush, Sitecore!

Powerful and Customizable: developers don't get bored working with it because there are no limitations with how you can customize it and integrate additional technologies. - Liz Spranzani, SVP Development

There's a great developer community and ecosystem - I never feel alone when I'm trying to resolve an issue. - Bill Cronin, Technical Architect

You have an idea? More than likely there is a module for that on market place, re-usability at its best because of plug and play architecture support by Sitecore. Got to love Sitecore for that. - Deepthi Katta, Technical Lead

Flexibility: Sitecore contains a great set of content management and analytics tools and a platform that can be scaled to host anything from one small site to many large enterprise sites. - Ryan Kuchler, Technical Architect

There's always opportunity to learn cool things in Sitecore. Just when you think you're at the top of your game, someone in the Sitecore community blogs about extending Sitecore. - Sandy Foley, Technical Lead

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