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Copy Content Like a Pro Using Sitecore Cloning

Cloning is one of the available approaches to copy content in Sitecore. We can use the “Duplicate” option as well, but it should be noted that there is a difference between the two.

When we duplicate the Item, the item gets copied with same content, but after that it has no relation with the item which was just to duplicate it, basically then it becomes two different items, change on the child item will not affect parent item in any way, or change in parent will not affect child.

On the other hand, Cloning works differently, when we Clone a specific item, the cloned item still holds the relation with the item which was used to Clone, and therefor Parent and child relationship is maintained. When we make any updates to Main(Parent item), the updates automatically gets applied to cloned item(child item) as well and we don’t have to apply the updates manually.

However, we can break the relationship at any time, if we feel that Parent and Child item values should be different, and shouldn’t be synched, we can update the child items values manually, and from this point relationship between the two breaks.

Cloning is useful in scenarios where we have different Microsites in our Sitecore Instances, and there are certain sections/pages of the site that need to share the contents from Main Site.

We can clone the complete site, or certain section(s), it’s completely based on our requirement and how much flexibility we want to provide.

Cloning helps in applying changes/updates in one place, and replicating the same in several other places, which makes content editors life easy. In order to Clone an item, Select the Item to be cloned 🡲 Configure 🡲 Clone