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St Patrick’s Day Tips: How to Recover from that Brutal Launch Hangover

We’ve all been there. A looming deadline hanging over our heads, pushing the team through all hours of the night to make those last-minute updates before go-live. Everyone limps to the finish line, battered and brain dead vowing “I’m never doing this again”, but we all know they’ll be another time; most likely next weekend, so here are a few tips to make sure you’re feeling refreshed and ready to go for the next go-round.

  1. Brunch - After a hard-fought battle together, it’s important to take time to break bread with your team and recap the foggy events of the last 24 hours. Those painful moments are good areas to bond over, and will become laughable war stories to be told time and time again. Working towards a goal together can be incredibly gratifying, don’t forget to spend time together just being people.
  2. Hair of the dog - No matter how many times you say it, everyone seems to forget that this won’t be the last launch you push out the door. In fact, there will probably be another one, right after the first deployment, to get in the handful things that didn’t make the first round. Make sure you have a small backlog of a few priority items lined up to tackle after launch. While the thought of going on another marathon session is nauseating, consuming one or two items from the backlog keeps you from getting rusty, and fights off those terrible withdrawals.
  3. Meditation - So you’ve eaten that greasy brunch, had that shot of, hmm I don’t know, I’ve ran out of drinking innuendos, but either way you’ve done all of the above and you are still having trouble adjusting to sunlight and feel queasy when you look at Jira. When all else fails, take a moment to clear your head, focus on your breathing and let the cold sweat dissipate. It’s important to realize that while in the moment, your world may be all consumed with the task at hand, there are bigger problems in the world. Take a moment to breath, appreciate what you’ve accomplished and recharge your batteries for the next bender sprint.

There you have it – best of luck in your recovery process! Drop us a line or tweet @VerndaleTweets using #VerndaleShares to share your launch hangover tips!