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Little Luxuries, Big Returns: A Week in the Life of Creating Web Content

Part I: Hey, We're Making Stuff!

Experience Design teams are often challenged with creating compelling, visually consistent designs around a slew pre-existing content. It’s a common, understandable industry-wide challenge typically driven by timing and budgetary constraints. But sometimes we’re lucky enough to get to create the content that will ultimately support the design.

This week our Verndale team is doing just that as we work towards launching an updated brand look and feel and revamped website later this summer. To help us set the photographic tone, we’ve partnered with bi-coastal photographer/videographer Dan Gillan to help us bring Verndale’s ever-evolving story to life.

Our collective challenge?

  • Shoot portraits of the entire Verndale Boston team (all dogs allowed)
  • Shoot the entire Verndale Boston office
  • Shoot all of our weekly office events and happenings
  • Interview and film our leadership three days.

Then we’ll move on to our LA office. (But that’s a story for another week.)

Follow along on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all week for a peek inside how we’ll be making some delicious, contenty sausage.

Part II: The Photog is Coming! The Photog is Coming

Part III: Gone Hollywood

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