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Little Luxuries, Big Returns: A Week in the Life of Creating Web Content

Part II: The Photog is Coming! The Photog is Coming!

This week Verndale’s Experience Design team is shooting photo and video content to support the upcoming launch of our brand spankin’ new branding and website.

Our particular content needs consist of casual employee headshots and portraits, in-office candids and leadership interviews. And shooting real people can present a real challenge.

Some embrace it, some would rather ostrich themselves straight into the nearest sand pile. And even those who relish a good #selfiesaturday or two can feel intimidated when confronted by the bright lights of a pro set-up and a total stranger pointing a camera 10 times the size of your iPhone in your grill.

Also, no one likes working with a prima donna or moody jerkus malurkus. A comfortable, happy crew and team gels easily and yields better results.

Enter our photography partner Dan Gillan, who, thankfully, is everything but a prima danna. He’s incredibly talented, incredibly good with people and has spent the past two days in 90° weather patiently and gingerly drawing even the most timid unicorns out from behind their rainbows.

To make Dan’s job easier, we purposely staged the shoot in our second floor – a unfinished area protected from the daily office bustle (and hustle). To make the experience more fun for our team, we scheduled people in groups of 3 or 4 so everyone had a buddy and no one had to go it alone. (Full disclosure: the mimosas and dance music may have helped a little too. ;) )

Following two successful days of still photos, today it’s on to video interviews! We’ll cover our process and share more insights from behind the scenes on Monday.

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