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The Secret to Sitecore Delivery Excellence

I recently ran a quick Google search for “how to run a successful Sitecore project”, and... sadly no relevant results came up. (I know Google isn’t to blame, since they’ve mastered everything, so it seems.) I saw results for setting up successful marketing campaigns; “risks” to watch out for; or perhaps the last thing you’re looking to successfully setup the “project” meaning the.development.package. Right... cause that’s what any marketer, project stakeholder, strategist or anyone not technical is seeking.

For some time I’ve wanted to create a “Sitecore Delivery MVP” award, quite literally a role that enables you, the customer of Verndale as well as a customer of Sitecore, to have confidence in the agency and the platform. I’m certainly not perfect with this platform, but with ~7 years of experience on it, there are some foundational pillars that you’ll want to keep in-mind once you’ve selected the platform. It’s a powerful engine; Sitecore has done a nice job. But it’s also complex and like every other technology these days, can get hairy quickly. Fortunately, Verndale has a roster of 11 official MVPs, more than 200 implementations supported, over 50 Sitecore certified developers and even an in-house MVP program that pushes our entire organization (strategy through quality assurance) to be thought leaders, speakers, writers, and evangelists in the Sitecore community around the global.

Still interested in reading more? I hope so. Embark with me on this journey as we talk about the platform, from the first step of our strategic planning to the 8-12-24 month period before the launch and release of your site. Our experience proves it and if you read-on, I’ll prove it.