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Provide the Ultimate CX with Sitecore 9!

Sitecore 9 comes with a slew of enhancements and new features available in the "Sitecore Experience Cloud". Sitecore 9's new features include Sitecore Experience Commerce, Sitecore Headless & Javascript Services, Sitecore xConnect, Sitecore Cortex, and Sitecore Cloud while the enhancements included streamline web form creation, marketing automation visualization, greater security with federated authentication, and more. These new features and enhancements show that the Sitecore Platform is positioning itself to provide marketers with real-time, omnichannel data relative to your websites visitors so that you can provide those visitors with the best customer experience.

One of the enhancements that marketers should pay close attention to relates to Sitecore xConnect and Sitecore Cortex. With Sitecore 9, xConnect allows marketers to provide source data such as mobile, in-store, email, and many more data sources into xDB where Cortex will use machine learning to surface new user segments based on behavioral patterns. Sitecore Cortex will help to reduce the time and effort associated with data analysis and segment development by generating real-time insights associated with user segments you may never have imagined! This time saved in analysis combined with the valuable segments surfaced by Cortex provides marketers the ability to develop hyper-personalized messaging and experiences for differing segments more swiftly and accurately.

Sitecore Cortex and xConnect helps marketers make intelligent business decisions by surfacing relevant insights that can be leveraged in advertising and personalization efforts. With Cortext and xConnect you gain a holistic view of who your customers are so that you can better communicate with them throughout their customer experience!

Read our full 2017 MVP Sitecore Symposium round up for more. Have questions, interested in Sitecore, or want to assess your readiness for an upgrade? Contact us and we’ll help you evaluate your business needs and technology stack to ensure you are ready for success.