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Wednesday, July 20, 2016
1pm EST


Join us for a live hour session to:

Better understand your marketing technology stack in order to enhance the user experience and generate ROI – with so many systems out there what are necessary, which are nice-to-haves?

Learn what it takes strategically, technically and organizationally for your brand to continuously evolve your Sitecore digital ecosystem in order to stay relevant and keep up with competition.

Discover the three core steps that your organization must take in order to build a healthy, stable relationship for Marketing and IT.


Celebration to follow with a refined and connected brand experience for your organization.


Our Story

Since the dawn of the Internet, Marketing and IT have shared an uncommon and sometimes challenging bond. Like any couple, they struggled with different and sometimes competing priorities. But with the help and constant prodding of a mutual friend - Customer Experience - the two realized they delivered better results working together.

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The Proposal

IT decided it was time him and Marketing get on the same page and create a common language between the two. He popped the question during a brand evolution scrum, and of course, Marketing said yes! They celebrated with their cross-discipline team later that evening with a champagne toast.

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The Wedding Party

Project Manager

Project Manager (a.k.a. PM) went to high school with both IT and Marketing. Best friends with both of them individually, PM understands each of their roles and quirks, and is always there to take care of issues and offer advice.


Strategist is Marketing's right hand woman and maid of honor. When Marketing has a question about how to improve the quantity and quality of her brands site traffic through her demand generation efforts, Strategist is there with data and reports in hand to help her enhance and evolve the experience the next time around.


Technologist is ITs go-to guy for all things related to applications and hosting. For this reason, he is ITs best man. Technologist has always been there for IT – from bug fixes to new features builds to performance monitoring, Technologist has been the one to help IT ensure the lights stay on.