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Growth Strategy

Customer experience is the gatekeeper to business growth. We help CX leaders understand, inform, and optimize every step of that journey and maximize the ROI of marketing technology investments to drive the best possible outcomes.

Better Experience Leads to Better Business

Verndale’s Growth Strategy team has decades of experience partnering with marketing and technology leaders to unlock the value of the customer journey to drive revenue and innovation, stay ahead of change, and leverage real-time data and insights to make smarter decisions faster.

We Focus On Outcomes

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    Success Roadmapping

    Every successful journey needs a map. Verndale helps brands frame the customer experience, and their technology investments, in context with business strategy and the opportunities that drive growth and create value.


    Verndale's cross-functional research and testing team helps brands gain actionable insights into market opportunities, uncover consumer data that drives strategy, and define, test, and measure the experience pathway that produces the best results for everyone involved.


    Your customer’s journey is paved with detours. A hiccup along the way can steer everything in another direction. Onto the road of indecision. Or worse, straight into the waiting arms of the competition. Our birds-eye view of the customer journey enables a full line of sight into every touchpoint and optimizes that experience for an audience of one.


    B2B customers expect B2C treatment, and B2C customers expect B2B buying power. They both expect a friction-free experience, with value-added before, during, and after the transaction. Delivering on these expectations requires end-to-end strategic, technical and operational alignment at every step, and at scale. That's where we come in.


    Transformational change isn’t easy. Building a plan for success is one thing, but implementing it effectively is another. Our strategy team understands how to drive organizational consensus, and evolve behaviors and processes around technology investments to align with strategic goals.

      Transformation Through Experimentation

      We turn hypotheses into proof points through smart, targeted experiments that enable better and faster decision-making.

      Business Intelligence

      Investing in the right tools is a critical step, but it's not the only step. Our team helps you unlock the power of business data to drives the metrics that really matter.

      • Chief Experience Officer

        Tim Linberg

        With more than two decades of marketing and strategy experience, Tim specializes in customer experience strategy - aligning technology, brand, and business requirements to deliver better outcomes for everyone involved. He's focused on the future of customer experience, helping brands stay ahead of change, and has worked on everything from start-ups to multi-national organizations.
      • Strategy Director

        Christina Watts

        Christina finds the right mix of best practices, trends, and current research to craft digital strategies for businesses. Her specialty is creating long-range plans and digital road-mapping. 
      • Commerce Practice Director

        Jeff Pratt

        Jeff leads digital strategy and program implementation for Verndale's Commerce clients. His emphasis on the importance of business value when determining digital priorities helps companies identify and assert their unique value to their customers.
      • Chief Client Officer

        David Kovner

        With over a decade of account management experience, David helps push the account team at Verndale to be even better than they were the day before. He believes in keeping and open mind when getting to know the nuances of a client's business so Verndale can be the best strategic partner possible.