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A Guide to Sitecore's Experience Marketing

A Guide to Sitecore's Experience Marketing

From Introduction to Implementation Readiness and Beyond - are you ready to turn on Sitecore's Experience Marketing?

As a marketer today, one of your main objectives is to understand your users -to identify the marketing efforts that are leading them to your site, which content they are converting on and the devices they are using to connect with you.

Sitecore's Experience Marketing (xMarketing) - formerly Sitecore Digital Marketing System (DMS) - helps marketers with just that. A very powerful feature, Sitecore's xMarketing consolidates all the tools needed to efficiently and effectively accomplish one's digital marketing tasks.

But with such a powerful tool, you can't just expect to turn on Sitecore's xMarketing and take it for a ride. The proper strategy, training and organizational readiness must be in place to ensure long-term stability and mitigate risks.


  • The power behind Sitecore's xMarketing features and capabilities, including those released with Sitecore version 8.0.
  • How to determine if your organization is strategically, technically and operationally ready to turn on and maintain the xMarketing long-term.
  • How to jump start your use of Sitecore's xMarketing features.