Experience is Everything

February 26, 2018

It's hard to believe our company was founded 20 years ago.

We started our journey in 1998 with four people in a small apartment on Verndale Street in Brookline. Back then our goal was simple – convince businesses they needed a web presence to succeed. These were the dial-up modem days. The “you’ve-got-mail” days. “Digital” was a loosely sketched idea, and existed only in the form of a desktop website.

At the time, businesses had a clearly defined customer journey, and had a tried and true model for acquiring and servicing their customers - the number of touchpoints was limited and largely analog. There was a steep learning curve for organizations to evolve digitally, and embrace online as a counterpoint to offline. Some companies still aren’t there.

Flash forward through email and texting and iPhones and apps and social media and CMS and CRM and the Cloud - and we’ve arrived at an incredibly complex and compelling time for businesses. We went from all-customers-one-screen, to one-customer-all-screens, and this is true for both B2B and B2C. Every touchpoint connected and important, measurable and actionable. Mountains of data, boundless opportunity, and massive expectations for marketing and technology leaders to connect the dots of the customer journey back to the bottom line.

As the universe of the customer experience expanded, so has our purview. Since day one we’ve engineered our company to evolve as our clients’ needs evolve. And so today we launch a new brand platform that reflects our commitment to helping our clients drive better outcomes through optimization of every phase of the customer experience - Experience is Everything™.

As I hope you'll see on the new website, in our refined methodology, in our new Solving for CX report, and in our new mobile app, we are wrapping our arms around the end-to-end customer journey. We're building off of two decades of experience and beginning the next chapter of our own story. We are harnessing strategy, design, technology, and marketing to deliver on the promise of personalization and bring brands and their customers closer together.

And we couldn't be more excited.