White Paper

RAISE YOUR VOICE IQ: Applying Lessons Learned from Mobile to Voice

Ryan Tepperman, Digital Marketing Manager

The evolution of search technology shows no signs of slowing down, which means adjusting and course-correcting customer experience strategies is a must. As we’ve explored previously in our series on voice trends and technologies, Google’s key acquisitions and algorithm updates of the last decade all reflect the importance of relevancy. In other words, how good are you at anticipating consumer preferences and effectively answering their questions?

When consumers moved away from desktop, a mobile-first approach not only became the norm — it was prioritized as a ranking factor. And now, as customers’ search behaviors evolve yet again to be voice–based, it’s imperative that companies strengthen their strategies to prioritize new devices and types of content (question-based, natural language).

Capitalizing on this paradigm shift means understanding key distinctions, like the difference between voice search and the use of voice-enabled technology; future-proofing your strategies; and applying all learning to all parts of your business.

Download this free whitepaper from Verndale and Voicify to get insights on:

  • Voice technology’s speed of adoption
  • How to protect your brand in voice interactions
  • Designing for VX (voice experiences)
  • How to track and contextualize voice data
  • Voice as a game-changing advantage in a an increasingly competitive marketplace