The Power of Personalization

Tim Linberg , Chief Marketing Officer

Our recent customer experience leadership survey, Solving for CX, uncovered a startling dichotomy that demonstrates the tension between the opportunity to drive business growth through optimization of the customer experience, and the reality that most organizations are falling short with regards to personalization.
When asked how important the customer experience was to their organization’s strategic priorities, almost 90% of survey respondents said it was crucially or very important to their business. And, the bigger the company was, the more important CX was to their success.
Personalization is the cornerstone of successful customer experiences. Almost 80% of survey respondents - across industries, company sizes, and digital maturity levels - report that if they improved personalization it would have tangible impact on their bottom line.
And yet, in spite of this clear and urgent mandate, 80% of all respondents report that they need to improve their personalization capabilities.  Over 50% feel like they’re failing to deliver the experience their customer’s crave, and almost 90% said that if they don’t improve, they risk falling behind their competitors.
It would be easy to look at this gap and see a problem - but it’s more compelling to view it as an opportunity.
Every company is looking for an edge in the marketplace. A white space that their competitors haven’t claimed yet. Personalization of the customer experience is that opportunity. Investing in CX now is a springboard to connecting the dots of the customer journey, and leapfrogging the competition.

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