White Paper

The Power of Structured Data

Ryan Tepperman, Digital Marketing Manager

How Suncoast Credit Union Drove Triple-Digit Boost in Engagement For Targeted Organic Search Visitors

At its core, Google’s main goal has always been to provide users with the best, most relevant answers possible to their questions. While its algorithm and capabilities have become more sophisticated over the years, that core goal hasn’t changed. This makes it harder for organizations to climb the rankings quickly for the products or services that are most important to them.

But there is one strategy you can implement that’s almost guaranteed to have a positive impact on your site’s organic visibility: schema markup.

Suncoast Credit Union came to Verndale with two specific and urgent challenges that needed solving: findability and relevance. They needed a strategic approach to technical SEO — the process of optimizing a website for the crawling and indexing phase — as well as a holistic methodology for improving the user experience.

With structured data, we were able to make an immediate impact on the findability of the Suncoast website, and affect key performance metrics, including:

  • Triple-digit improvement in engaged organic visitors
  • Increased key page visits
  • Decrease of the overall bounce rate

Dive into the metrics and learn more about our methodology in this free white paper.