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Trendspots in Healthcare: Mobile Apps & The Patient Experience

The mobile patient experience is not one-size-fits-all.

The Trendspots series explores the customer experience across devices, platforms, and industries – offering digestible, infographic-inspired insights on the dots that connect the customer journey.

In this first release we surveyed almost 500 people to explore the role mobile applications play in the patient experience, and what features and benefits they would find most desirable in an app from their primary care practice, hospital or provider network.

Trendspots in Healthcare on iPad

While many respondents agreed on key features and benefits, there are notable and important differences across gender, age, demographic and socio-economic groups that underscore the importance of personalization, and supports the idea that the mobile patient experience is not one-size-fits-all.

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  • The key features patients are looking for in an app
  • How interested patients are in the concept of “digital appointments”
  • How personalized content could improve the patient experience
  • Whether patients have trust concerns with sharing information within apps
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