Trendspots in Voice Technology


The Trendspots series explores the customer experience across devices, platforms, and industries – offering digestible, survey-based insights on the dots that connect the customer journey.

Verndale surveyed over 300 millennials ages 18-34, to explore where and how they are using voice-enabled technology today, and what expectations they have for the voice trends of tomorrow.

Survey findings reflect a steady adoption curve for voice technology with this cohort, particularly with younger respondents, driven through the increasingly ubiquitous presence of smartphones and smart speakers that have normalized voice commands as a primary vehicle for interacting with the products and devices that matter most.

In a similar way that Amazon has recast expectations for seamless commerce experiences, voice technology is redefining how millennials interact with technology, and this in turn will greatly inform their assumptions about the role of voice in their homes and offices in the future.

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  • The state of voice-enabled technology including how and where millennials are using voice-enabled technology today
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  • The pros, cons, and future of voice technology according to millennials
  • The expectations of tomorrow’s workforce and why businesses need to plan for voice today to stay relevant amongst competitors