Sean Connell, CTO

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Digizuite, a leader in digital asset management software.

For the past twenty years Verndale has worked with clients from coast to coast to design, build, and enable marketing technologies that drive better business outcomes. As the customer experience extends across channels, platforms, and job functions, the efficient management of marketing assets and digital files has emerged as a critical component of any leading martech solution.

Digizuite™ DAM enables easy search, management, sharing and repurposing of digital files. Users can always find and use the right file on the right channel, anytime and from any device. Enterprises use the software as self-service brand portals, video portals and content hubs for high-quality brand experiences, while simplifying digital collaboration.

Digizuite™ DAM makes it easy to collaborate across departments, countries and digital channels. Users can simply upload, edit, search, manage, distribute and repurpose rich media content, such as images, videos or documents, across internal and external channels from one centralized source through automated and intelligent workflows.

This platform is a great fit for clients that value a single source for file management as the foundation for their digital strategies and digital transformations:

  • Brand compliance across channels
  • Faster time to market
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • New revenue streams or new services

Digizuite is an Episerver Add-on Partner, and a Sitecore Technology Alliance Partner, making them a natural fit within our current and future client base. Digizuite is already trusted by 500,000 users across North America, Europe and Australia for easy digital collaboration, digital asset governance, and brand compliance.

We are excited to include Verndale in our growing global partner network" says Digizuite CEO Kim Wolters. "Verndale has a proven track record in designing digital experiences and is a trusted Episerver and Sitecore partner. This is closely connected to Digizuite’s strategic focus areas. With Digizuite’s DAM software, Verndale is armed with strong technology that will help support their clients’ content value chains and improve operational efficiency. Our joint capabilities enables us to provide clients with new ways of automating digital asset processes across multiple channels. We expect this partnership to evolve, increasing our footprint in the North American market."

"Our clients are continuously looking to push the limits of a seamless Customer Experience," adds Sean Connell, CTO for Verndale. "The combination of Digizuite DAM with Sitecore and Episerver truly enables the marketer to centrally manage all digital assets regardless of the delivery channel and takes them another step further on their strategic brand management journey."

If you would like to discuss how digital asset management can create efficiencies and ensure compliance for your company, contact us today.