Verndale Brings Seven New Applications to Episerver App Marketplace

Liz Spranzani, SVP, Development

Verndale is happy to congratulate Episerver on their new Episerver App Marketplace and proud to say we have seven apps that are now available for download and integration into an Episerver implementation.

This new marketplace is a great resource for Episerver customers, partners, and developers to add quick value to their Episerver solution.  There are many great apps, both paid and free, in the following categories:

  • Analytics & Customer Intelligence
  • Customer Engagement
  • Content Management
  • SEO and Site Optimization
  • Site Management and Utilities
  • Templates & Blocks

Clients interested in any of these apps can be rest-assured that they are of the highest quality, having passed strict design, QA, verification, compliance, and support standards.

When Episerver reached out earlier in the year to partners, vendors, clients and other well-established organizations that have been working with Episerver for years, Verndale jumped at the opportunity to be included.  We had several app ideas that would be helpful additions to the greater Episerver community and were excited to contribute.  Currently you can take advantage of these apps for free!

SIRO Sitemap and Robots Generator

Sitemap.xml and robots.txt are baseline to EVERY website. Mishandling these files before or after an implementation goes live can lead to serious implications with search engines, damaging the reputation of a website and 'findability' if not output properly. This complete, easy generator covers all scenarios including large, multi-site, multilingual instances.

Enhanced Redirect Manager

This 301/302 redirect manager plugin provides more extensive, flexible, and scalable capabilities than the previous version you may have experienced. It leverages custom databases to increase scalability, allows searching/paging within current redirects, and allows for regex matching and 301/302 designation, and relative/absolute/external redirect paths.

Cache Buster

There are times when it can be tough to make sure the newest content is showing and to force updates around cached files such as CSS and JS. This tool provides administrators a list of current cache keys and the ability to remove them individually or all at once.

SSML Editor

Speech Synthesis Markup Language provides a standard way to enhance text content with SSML tags for generation of synthetic speech. A version of the standard RichText Editor is customized with special buttons, adding this markup. Content can then be fed to Voice applications such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Text Replacement Tokenizer

Concerned with consistency of a string of text that must be output in a special way within a larger block of text? Ensure that it is always output correctly by providing tokens to content authors that represent that text, managing as many token-string pairs as required.

Impersonate Users Plugin

For websites with gated content and permissions for logged-in users, there can be a benefit for administrators and content authors to 'impersonate' the user on the website. They can experience it exactly as the end-user, aiding support for questions, and troubleshooting when a user reports a problem.

Flexible Content Approval Plugin

Currently, Episerver sets workflows for content approval based on location in the content tree, which means adding workflow for every page, or setting it higher up in the site tree structure. This plugin allows you to set content approval workflows per page type or folder instead, and reuse workflow definitions.

We encourage Episerver clients to explore these apps and give them a try.  We will also offer paid support in cases where you may need help installing or using the apps within your implementation, or would like to talk about customizations that may be of interest to you.

Please contact us with any questions.