Welcome to Episerver Campaign

Kevin Schofield, Digital Marketing Consultant

Email marketing may not be the sexiest part of your digital strategy, but it plays an integral role in almost every business's marketing mix. So why is it that nearly 80% of marketers report that their lead generation tactics are less effective than they should be? It may have to do with the fact that many marketers aren't effectively using marketing automation.


If you are considering a new marketing automation tool to incorporate into your martech stack and are on the Episerver CMS, then Episerver Campaign could be a great solution for you. Campaign allows you to have a truly omnichannel presence, as you can reach prospective customers via digital advertisements, emails, social, content marketing, in your brick-and-motor store (if relevant), and more places.

Campaign is usable by anyone on your team, and lets you quickly create campaigns from one screen and effectively manage them in real-time across web, mobile, email, and text messages. It helps businesses communicate more intelligently with their customers by:

  • Re-engaging users that may need a nudge before they can convert
  • Helping you avoid pestering customers that may not be interested in a certain campaign
  • And making sure you don’t continue campaigning to customers after they have already converted


Campaign accomplishes this with advanced personalization and campaign automation, so that you ensure that customers get exactly the right message at the right time. The result of this is happier and better-recognized customers, which should lead to better relationships.