Methodology Experience Design

Evolution and activation of the customer experience through technology optimization, digital marketing, and creative services.

Connecting all the dots

A complete solution only happens when different disciplines collaborate to create magic. Sometimes the magic is in the data insights, and sometimes its the a-ha moment where a sound usability test uncovers the solution to a nagging, but bottom-line altering issue. In all facets of our offer, we strive to unlock potential and devise a much better experience for your customer.

With a bevy of award-winning UX, Design, and Data Science pros, our team helps brands reveal opportunities, and increase overall engagement. Connecting all the dots isn't just about customer to brand; it's also about creating continuity and value for the consumer at every touch point of their journey. And that, of course, is the magic.

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  • Design
  • UX/XA
  • Research & Testing
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Content Strategy & Copywriting
  • Creative Direction and Maintenance

Solving for CX


When you care about touch and sight working together to create a new experience, you're on the road to deeper engagement. Our designers use data, insights, research, and feedback to create and hone ideas. By using the same method for every single design output, we not only achieve consistent brand cohesion, but a sense of purpose on any device, in any medium. Our process allows collaboration with internal and external teams, as needed, and we love getting the most value out of a great idea..

  • Design Inspiration
  • Brand Definition & Extension
  • Art Direction
  • Asset Selection
  • Banner Ad Creation
  • Campaign Asset Design
Case Study

We helped IEWC untangle the buyer’s journey


Blueprints, order, and process are not the only keywords that should come to mind when you think of our Experience Architecture and User Experience disciplines. They also cater heavily to the needs of the user, and act as your voice when defending the outcomes that make engagement and conversions possible in your experience.

  • Rapid Protoyping
  • Navigation Testing/Tree Testing
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • Feasibility Study

See what’s around the corner

Research & Testing

Real data and insights come from listening to, and working with real people. Your customers have so much of your roadmap in front of them that they can perceive your moves before you do. All you have to do is ask. Each piece of our segmentation and testing processes work in conjunction with not only your customers feedback, but your organization's goals; mapping out the best way to connect from one dot to the next. Whether that means finding out who the audience is for a new or existing product, or finding the insights that help you change the game altogether.

  • Audience Research
  • Presona Development
  • Quick Usability Testing
  • Unmoderated Testing
  • Moderated Testing
  • Remote Testing
  • Mobile Experience Testing
  • Lab Creation and Consulting
  • Ongoing Test Programs
Case Study

We made a splash with SeaWorld

Competitive Analysis

What you know about your customers is only half the battle. We collaborate with our clients to uncover patterns and trends to see not only what a competitor is doing, but how and why they're doing it. Couple that with real data from real people, and you have a strong foundation for testing and jumping ahead.

  • Benchmarking
  • Test & Learn
  • Brand Health Study

Mastering your Micro-Moments

Content Strategy & Copywriting

Sometimes, it's all about the messaging. Crafting the right approach can mean just as much in a drip email campaign as it does on the hero of your home page. We think both are equally important. From working with in-house writers and content authors, to providing a team of succinct soliloquists, our content team has award-winning experience to help you ensure each message is cleverly crafted for clarity.

  • Content Strategy and Briefs
  • Copywriting Services
  • Content Structure & Planning

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Creative Direction & Maintenance

Engaging, vivid, well-produced creative is not a one-time thing. From personalized content and designs that change based on a user's behavior, to a complete reworking of an entire campaign, we provide expert direction on the new, as well as the legacy content in your system. And, we're no stranger to testing, learning, and suggesting how to get the most out of your experience. Creative maintenance is more than simply edits and price changes. It's about photo direction, copywriting, and helping a brand lead from the front.

  • Experience Design
  • Creative Experience Maintenance
  • Tutorials & Training
  • Style Guide & Asset Creation
  • Campaign Management