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Google Ads & Google Analytics 4

Based on a recent announcement from Google, accounts running Google Ads campaigns with conversions from Google Analytics need immediate attention. We provide complimentary linking and/or link confirmation services to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), with one-on-one support to our current and prospective clients to ensure there's no interruption to your live campaigns.

Once your link is set up, you'll have avoided disruption to your current campaigns. You'll also enjoy the benefits of GA4, including seeing your Google Ads campaigns in the Google Ads Campaigns report, having access to new Google Ads dimensions in the User Acquisition report, and seeing your Google Ads campaigns and Attribution reports in the Advertising section. Additionally, you can enhance your Google Ads remarketing with Analytics audience data.

How We Can Help:

- Ensure GA4 and Google Ads are linked and provide guidance on optional personalization features to set the proper configurations.

- Check that auto-tagging is enabled only if it supports your marketing strategy and your link works as expected with 24-hour post-configuration monitoring.

- Support audience creation from your GA4 data for maximization in the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel campaign in Google Ads

Google ads and GA4
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Our one-on-one support helps with critical updates in your GA4 setup and ensures your ad campaigns aren't impacted when Google's Universal Analytics shuts down on July 1st.