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A New Path: Optimize Your A/B Testing

Google's Optimize and Optimize 360 tools, designed for running A/B tests, will be sunset on September 30th, 2023. Marketing teams will need a replacement to continue running tests, conducting experiments to test hypotheses, and tracking user behavior.

As an Optimizely Premier Platinum partner, Verndale provides a comprehensive Discovery Workshop to help you plan a new path forward, replacing your Google Optimize with a sustainable solution that can grow with your organization and achieve measurable business outcomes.

Verndale's workshop leverages our digital marketing team's expertise to audit and review your current environment and testing strategy and evaluate compatibility with Optimizely's Web Experimentation platform, a leading solution that supports features you already use and more in order to make the transition easy. The platform features Google Analytics and Google Ads integrations, advanced proprietary statistical modeling, and personalization.

Get in touch to learn about Verndale's approach to maximizing your digital marketing investments.

Optimize Your A/B Testing
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