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    To see the Big Picture, you have to connect all the dots

    The customer journey is rarely a straight line. There are twists and turns and unexpected stopovers and amazing little finds and occasionally a phenomenal carnitas taco at a gas station on a lonely stretch of highway. But every dot along the way is a new piece of information. Every touchpoint gives you the chance to learn about your customer, build a relationship and lead them down a path that ultimately satisfies their needs.

    We help you do that.

    Driving Relationships

    Our experience in experience enables a personalized digital road-trip that is intuitive, informative and engaging, and surrounds your customers with everything they need to make decisions. We use intelligent technology to adapt and react to your customer’s needs and create a more positive experience for everyone involved.

    Because a better experience leads to better business.
    That’s big picture thinking.

    Our Methodology

    We connect the dots. Also, we build them.

    Verndale partners with marketing and technology leaders to drive better business outcomes through development and optimization of the customer experience.