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Verndale leverages industry-leading content management platforms to enable powerful customer experiences, boost productivity, and unlock data that drives business growth.


We Make Content Manageable

Being able to effectively design, manage, and publish content across digital channels is essential to delivering high-impact customer journeys. Verndale brings over two decades of experience in marketing technologies to help you select, implement, and optimize the content management platform that will deliver the best business outcomes.

CMS Solution - Verndale

Our Expertise

CMS Accordion

Platform Selection, Implementation, and Configuration

As a Platinum partner in all of our primary CMS partnerships, we are experts at understanding the strengths of each platform, the best practices of implementation, and how to configure the robust options to tailor it exactly to your needs.

Infrastructure Analysis

Understanding the infrastructure options and requirements for your specific application is critical to success and we know how to crunch all of the data and make the best recommendation.

Third-Party Integrations

We navigate every system you plan to integrate into your application through our integration decision workflow methodology with you to determine what kind of integration it should be and how the data should be represented.

Data and Content Architecture

Our information architecture approach includes considerations for: canonical, semantically critical content that plays a key role in Search and SEO, Site URL management, flexibility of page design, efficiency of referencing critical content, content that is oriented towards marketing initiatives, as well as ensuring pages can accommodate modern responsive design.

Compassion for the Content Author

Your time is invaluable. We understand that a CMS platform must be easy to use, both for those in the system every day, as well as those that might only be involved periodically. It must be intuitive for authors to get into the system, find content, and quickly and efficiently push out updates. We treat this directive with the utmost importance when planning your implementation.

These folks help lead the charge

  • Elizabeth Spranzani

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Mike Nairn

    Director, Business Analysis

  • Jonathan Tatlow

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Nate Palmer

    VP, Digital Operations & Optimization

  • Lisa Brown

    VP, Experience Design

  • George Schwartz

    VP, Project Management

  • Richard Cabral

    Technical Director

  • Doug Yoder

    Technical Director

  • Eric Schafer

    Group Account Director

  • Aine Miller

    Group Account Director

  • Brad Johnson

    Group Account Director

  • Mike Nairn

    Director, Business Analysis

Success Stories

HFC's flagship brand, Budget Blinds, engaged with Verndale to modernize its technology and brand image and design a platform framework for future brand expansion.

Budget Blinds


GE Healthcare needed a centralized solution to deliver information efficiently, manage content easily, and make resources accessible to customers across devices and geographies.