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Customer & Cultural Intelligence

Gain a holistic understanding of your customers through structured audience and cultural research, so you can base your strategy and solutions on deep insights.

Customer & Cultural Intelligence

Getting Closer To Your Customers

Customer attitudes and behavior are intricately intertwined with cultural nuance and a multitude of environmental factors. Capturing this holistic perspective can be what elevates you from a state of uncertainty to a realm of profound empathy. Leveraging our suite of research tools, we deliver actionable insight into your key audiences, deep-diving into their motivations, pain points, behaviors, needs, and perceptions, as well as validating any working knowledge or assumptions. With our work grounded in data and research, we ensure your digital experience solutions are not just surface-level offerings but are deeply insightful.

Customer & Cultural Intelligence

Our Expertise


Audience Understanding

Our team manages the entire research process utilizing primary, secondary, and, at times, third party data. From defining objectives and audiences to creating a learning agenda and recruitment plan, we make the complex task of understanding your audience an effortless journey.

Market & Competitive Landscape

We gain a nuanced understanding of the landscape in which your business operates by scrutinizing market trends, evaluating key competitors, and pinpointing industry dynamics. This analysis will help develop your strategy and position your products or services with a competitive edge. We delve into market gaps, emerging opportunities, and potential threats to inform strategies that are finely attuned to the pulse of the market.

Translating Cultural Context

Cultural context is a wellspring of inspiration for crafting innovative and differentiated solutions. Analyzing cultural nuances and factors allows us to anticipate the shifts in customer behavior and preferences, becoming a catalyst for the next step in digital transformation. By translating cultural insights into actionable design, we ensure that your digital experience not only meets current expectations but is also poised to adapt and thrive in a dynamic cultural landscape.

These folks help lead the charge

  • Jonathan Tatlow

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Christina Watts

    Senior Strategy Lead

  • Laura

    Laura Bernier

    Customer & Cultural Intelligence Lead

  • Dale Conour

    Dale Conour

    Experience Strategy Lead

  • Laura Brown

    Laura Brown

    Strategy Lead

Success Stories

Aspen Snowmass | Verndale
One of the most coveted vacation destinations in the US needed a brand-vision and digital experience to reflect its world-class resort experience.

Aspen Snowmass


Taking a forward-thinking approach, Quinnipiac University launched a digital experience that engages with their diverse global community, attracts prospective students to campus, and outperforms in ...