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Higher Education

In a time of rapid reinvention, the higher education sector is turning to CX technologies to bridge the digital divide. 

Higher Education

Technology Partners

From CMS to CRM, LMS to SIS, Verndale partners with market-leading technologies to deliver better institutional performance, and drive better student experiences.

Our Expertise


Drive Recruitment

Falling enrollments, increased competition, global disruptions to the higher education sector, and new expectations for diversity and accessibility require every digital experience for student prospects to be efficient, compelling, and highly personalized.

Support Retention

Delivering an optimized student experience across every digital channel supports retention at a time when institutions can't afford to lose students they've worked hard to recruit.

Enable Engagement

Enabling better digital engagement for students, alumni, families, faculty, and staff improves the experience, drives fundraising, and improves retention.

Create Efficiencies

An optimized digital ecosystem creates efficiencies at all levels - from administrators to marketers, and from development office to classroom. A good technical solution is easy to use, easy to manage, and seamlessly connected.

Optimize Performance

Improved digital performance impacts recruitment and retention, supports fundraising, provides enhanced flexibility, and saves time and money so colleges and universities can focus on what matters most.

Insights From Our Team

6 Steps to Map Higher Ed Student Journeys by Mirroring Customer Experience

There was a time when the language of marketing and customer experience was frowned upon in higher education. So much so that one former academic vice president said that “students are not customers; neither are their parents. We do not have customers. We must keep repeating this.”

6 Steps to Map Higher Ed Student Journeys

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