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Manufacturing and Distribution

Engineering better business outcomes through digital transformation for an industry built on handshakes.


Technology Partners

From Commerce to PIM to CRM and 3rd party solution providers, Verndale partners with proven and industry-leading platform providers to deliver better performance and get to value faster.

Our Expertise


User Experience & Visual Design

Optimizing traffic, conversion, and Average Order Value (AOV) across all channels and devices for both new and repeat customers.

Digital Marketing

Making you easy to find and easy to do business with - unlocking the value of your marketing technology investments by improving performance and making customer data and analytics actionable.

Optimized Administration & Management

Designing, training and optimizing for the most productivity and efficiency across your internal team.

Product & Customer Data Integrity

Enhancing data quality to find, enhance, and manage all information and system touchpoints.

Technical Architecture & Integration

Driving operational and transactional efficiency through alignment to core systems and business processes.

Insights From Our Team

Digital Marketing for Manufacturers and Distributors

Times have changed for manufacturers and distributors. Over the past few years, digital marketing has gone from something that only the most progressive organizations mastered to an absolute necessity for every manufacturer and distributor.

Digital Marketing for Manufacturers and Distributors: Keys to an Effective Strategy

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