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Digital Marketing

We make you easy to find and easy to do business with - unlocking the value of your marketing technology investments by improving performance and making customer data and analytics actionable.

Every Click Counts

From personalization to experimentation, SEO to tag management, our veteran team has proven success helping you deliver the right content to the right people on whatever channels matter most.


Our Expertise

    Measurement Planning

    The goal of measurement planning is to better understand businesses’ strategic goals and objectives, and how to map and measure those defined goals through the website and other web properties. Our team want to align on Business segments, customer segments, and the marketing tactics used to engage those segments. KPIs are established and a plan is put in place for improved tracking processes, data analysis, and continuous optimization.

    Personalization Planning

    This activity will educate the client on the numerous out-of-the-box rules that are available within Sitecore. Verndale and the client will work together to identify audience groups for personalization scenarios, define how to implement and use A/B testing, and discuss how the experience can be tailored to these users as well as what content will be needed to support them.

    SEO Assessment

    Examine a website as bots and visitors see them to uncover any technical or on-page issues that may prevent search engines and/or users from interacting with or understanding the content of the website.

    Content Inventory and Performance Assessment

    Aggregate data for current content performance and engagement. Used in a tactical/technical manner to inform requirements for new site, lay the foundation for redirect mapping, etc. Includes performance metrics from Google Analytics and Google Search Console, Compiles existing URLs, meta data, other components related to SEO. Number of sites and pages included will affect hours. Scope needs to be clear. Deliverable leveraged during Design and Build phases of project.

      These folks help lead the charge

      Christina Watts

      Strategy Director

      Ryan Dahlen

      Digital Marketing Manager

      Liz Spranzani

      Elizabeth Spranzani

      Chief Technology Officer

      Nate Palmer

      VP, Digital Operations & Optimization

      David Kovner

      Chief Client Officer

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      The leading electric and industrial distributor needed a solution to demonstrate digital competence and commitment to drive business through a comprehensive modern digital strategy.