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With consumer expectations at an all-time high, leading retailers are investing in scalable experience and commerce solutions that meet that challenge head-on.

Technology Partners

Our retail team leverages deep experience and strategic relationships with partners that are engineered to drive growth.

Our Expertise

    Design & UX

    Compelling and purpose-built to drive brand and product engagement targeting key business metrics.

    Digital Marketing

    Optimizing traffic, conversion and Average Order Value (AOV) across all channels and devices for both new and repeat customers.

    Optimized Administration & Management

    Designing, training, and optimizing for the most productivity and efficiency across your internal team.

    Product & Customer Data Integrity

    Enhancing data quality to find, enhance, and manage all information and system touchpoints.

    Technical Architecture & Integration

    Driving operational and transactional efficiency through alignment to core systems and business processes.

      Insights From Our Team

      What Digital Native Brands Can Teach Legacy Retailers

      The last decade of retail trends has been defined by the rise of mobile shopping and ecommerce. And while that transition will continue to be an important one for long-standing retailers, the need to adapt has become even more urgent than it already seemed.

      Success Stories

      HFC's flagship brand, Budget Blinds, engaged with Verndale to modernize its technology and brand image and design a platform framework for future brand expansion.

      Budget Blinds


      IEWC gave us one primary objective – to make it easier for users to find the right product. With tens of thousands of wire and cable products to choose from, the buyer’s journey can get tangled.