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With consumer expectations at an all-time high, leading retailers are investing in scalable experience and commerce solutions that meet that challenge head-on.

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Making THE RIGHT Connections

Meeting customers where they are with the experiences they expect is critical in today's infinitely connected world. Doing it right requires purposeful design, architecture, data management, and integration. Our team combines decades of strategic and technical excellence with bleeding-edge solution-thinking to connect the customer experience back to the bottom line. 


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  • Compelling and purpose-built to drive brand and product engagement targeting key business metrics.

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  • Optimizing traffic, conversion and Average Order Value (AOV) across all channels and devices for both new and repeat customers.

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  • Designing, training, and optimizing for the most productivity and efficiency across your internal team.

  • Enhancing data quality to find, enhance, and manage all information and system touchpoints.

  • Driving operational and transactional efficiency through alignment to core systems and business processes.

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Jeff Pratt

Commerce Practice Director

Jeff leads digital strategy and program implementation for Verndale's Commerce clients. His emphasis on the importance of business value when determining digital priorities helps companies identify and assert their unique value to their customers.

Technology Partners

Our retail team leverages deep experience and strategic relationships with partners that are engineered to drive growth.