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Budget Blinds

Budget Blinds
Budget Blinds
Budget Blinds

The Challenge

Verndale was chosen to lead an Episerver-driven web modernization project, to redeploy the technology and brand image for Home Franchise Concept's flagship brand, Budget Blinds. In addition, Verndale was tasked with designing the framework for future brands to be rolled into the updated platform.

Budget Blinds

The Solution

Verndale transformed HFC’s aging Ektron installation into a modern, inviting, and highly functional A hallmark of the development is the ability to default national brand content for each localized site – which can now be tailored to meet each franchisee’s local market. Franchisees have easy access to branded content, can adapt and modify local franchise information as needed, and are empowered to seamlessly deploy their own sites. Using items like static and smart replacement tokens to comfortably load localized content, we were able to deliver a platform that dynamically adapts to changes using smart navigation, dynamic sitemaps, and robots to integrate with CMS.

Budget Blinds
Budget Blinds

The Outcome

Verndale opened the Budget Blinds brand to the world with a newer more attractive and dynamic web presence. Budget Blinds and future HFC brands now offer a powerful and comprehensive entry point for the national brand that easily and seamlessly filters down into localized information provided by individual franchisees.

Budget Blinds Budget Blinds

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