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Design & UX

Data-driven experience design that ensures a successful and engaging journey for every customer across every touch point.

UX Design Solution - Verndale

Designing a Better Experience

Better design, data-informed information architecture, and a more intuitive user experience will not only improve the way your digital properties look, it will improve the way they perform. Intentional and strategic UX has the potential to raise conversion rates by as much as 400%. Our seasoned Experience Design team has decades of experience delivering a better experience.

UX Design Solution - Verndale

Our Expertise

Design Accordion

Audience Analysis

A persona serves as a snapshot of a core user or target audience member. They document the needs, challenges, and traits of each user type in order to identify important functionality. By detailing those attributes we are able to map prototype functionality to user needs. We do this through a variety of research techniques inclusive of Card Sorting, Tree Testing, and Customer Interviews.

Usability Testing

Usability testing is used to validate the user experience direction of a project and gain insight into ways to better engage the target audience. A variety of tests can be performed and analyzed to increase conversion rates, content find-ability, and attain positioning for a more favorable brand perception.

Sitemap and Information Architecture

Interactive sitemaps are created to demonstrate our strategic thinking and approach to architecting the new site. A Sitemap is a structured content tree that defines the content of a website. It provides an overview of the global, utility and footer navigation demonstrating the hierarchy of pages across the experience. The sitemap ultimately creates the guidelines for Prototyping and Designing page templates.


A prototype is a clickable imitation of a website that is used to define the functionality and general layout of a website’s features and content. Its purpose is to serve as a vehicle for discussion and to aid stakeholders in gaining consensus on functionality by providing a visual aide of the end result. While prototypes are devoid of color and general design elements, it does serve as a foundational guideline for the layout of a website.

Visual Designs

Visual Designs are meant to communicate typography, color application, page layout, functional enhancements, and additional interaction considerations. This allows us to focus conversations on how the client’s brand translates digitally to their new experience.

These folks help lead the charge

  • Max

    Max Fresen

    Chief Experience Officer

  • Chris Anthony

    Creative Director

  • Stephanie Fogg

    Stephanie Caldwell

    User Experience Design Lead

  • Brittany Janeczek

    Visual Design Lead

  • Diana Pun

    User Experience Design Lead

  • Karen

    Karen Doyle

    Senior Visual Designer

  • Madeleine Kosheff

    User Experience Designer

  • Milena

    Milena Velasco

    User Experience Designer

  • Ari

    Ari Moros

    Visual Designer

Success Stories

Aspen Snowmass | Verndale
One of the most coveted vacation destinations in the US needed a brand-vision and digital experience to reflect its world-class resort experience.

Taking a forward-thinking approach, Quinnipiac University launched a digital experience that engages with their diverse global community, attracts prospective students to campus, and outperforms in ...