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Google Ads Assessment

A Google Ads campaign that lacks a well-structured paid advertising strategy may encounter reduced ad visibility, lower click-through rates, and diminished ROI, ultimately affecting your online presence and site traffic.

Leverage the full potential of your SEM efforts by optimizing your paid advertising approach and enhancing campaign performance, ensuring your website not only excels in visibility but also converts visitors into satisfied customers at peak rates.

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About the Complimentary Assessment

Our Digital Marketing team evaluates your organization's current paid advertising strategy on Google to explore opportunities for improvements in just 1-2 weeks. We'll look at the effectiveness of your campaigns against a performance analysis checklist, providing recommendations to help you improve your rankings, increase site traffic, and convert high-quality leads.

Click Through Rates

We'll gauge the effectiveness of ad copy and call-to-action elements, ensuring they drive user engagement.

Conversion Rates

We evaluate the percentage of visitors turning into customers, allowing us to measure campaign success and optimize it accordingly.

Cost Per Conversion

We'll assess customer acquisition through SEM efforts and fine-tune your budget allocation, ensuring you get the most value from your investment.

Quality Score

To determine the ad and landing page relevancy, we'll assess the quality score and ensure each is designed to enhance performance and cost-effectiveness.

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