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Optimizely Spire Readiness Assessment

To provide modern digital experiences for your customers, keeping your technology platforms like your content management system (CMS) up to date is essential. Verndale's Readiness Assessment can help Optimizely B2B Configured Commerce customers navigate their migration from the Classic CMS to the new Spire CMS and Storefront Technology.

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Future Proof Your Tech Stack

Unlock new digital experiences with Optimizey's Configured Commerce CMS, Spire. Discover marketing capabilities and technical advantages, including managing content more efficiently, delivering better brand experiences, and lowering the total cost of ownership. With the new front-end technology and CMS, marketing staff can have more control over content without developer intervention post-implementation, boost website efficiency and performance, and leverage the modern developer framework found only on Spire. Learn the next steps to prepare to migrate to Spire.

About the Assessment

As a tenured Optimizely Premier Platinum B2B partner with proven results, we can lead your team through an organized and stress-free migration. Our goal is to help you take advantage of the new platform and quickly start delivering more 1-to-1 experiences to your customers.

Assess Your CMS

We'll start with a thorough review of your CMS architecture, infrastructure, and coding practices to identify opportunities for improvements during implementation.

Evaluate for Savings

We'll evaluate the feasibility of your Spire migration and determine potential savings by examining historical upgrade cost(s) and frequency.

Create a Health Report

We'll create a health report and recommend the next steps for directional scoping that help you make insightful decisions and avoid costly errors.

Prioritize Initiatives

We'll guide you through how other updates and initiatives should be viewed and planned for through the lens of an impending Spire Migration.

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Whether you're pondering the perfect solution, embarking on a journey to optimize your experience, or boldly taking your customers and business where they've never been, we'll help you get there.

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