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Google Analytics 4 Upgrade & Migration

Universal Analytics has sunset, forcing the move to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). We're here to support your team in transitioning with ease and navigating with confidence. Verndale can help you make the switch with a holistic integration into your existing ecosystem.

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Get Back on Track

All Universal Analytics accounts stopped collecting data on July 1, 2023. Our digital marketing experts are guiding businesses through the move to GA4 and will ensure you continue to have the data you rely on to inform your business decisions.

How We Can Help

Receive step-by-step guided GA4 migration support with an agile model and methodology. We can use any previous Universal Google Analytics accounts as a starting point to help expedite the process and get your team up and running quickly.

Assessment & Inspection

We'll provide a comprehensive review of your previous analytics ecosystem (if available) measured against industry standards and best practices to identify possible upgrades to include as part of the move to GA4.

Strategic Analysis & Roadmap

We'll conduct a strategic analysis to build a plan for go-live and to deliver incremental value beyond the initial setup. Your team would also review and add any additional needs, or remove any outdated tracking for a fresh set of data.

Implementation & Mapping

We'll put the plan into practice and build out your new analytics instance with GA4. This may include the foundational tracking to start, and then over time maturing to more advanced tracking features including new features that Google may release in the future.

Dashboard Transition & Education

Google has removed over 80% of the traditional reporting. With Verndale you'll receive comprehensive training and the creation of custom dashboards called "Explorations" so you can make data-driven decisions that move your business forward.

Ads Linking or Linking Confirmation Services

Receive one-on-one support and link setup between GA4 and Google Ads to avoid campaign disruption. We'll also provide guidance on optional personalization features, ensure auto-tagging is enabled, and monitor the link setup 24 hours post-configuration.

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