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Leveraging data-driven insights and our industry expertise, we craft tailored strategic plans that foster clarity and alignment to fuel your transformation agenda. Our strategy team identifies and analyzes your customers' and stakeholders' needs, experiences, and perspectives to deliver impactful changes. Your customized strategy will empower your brand to cultivate stronger audience connections, optimize your digital presence, and successfully achieve your business objectives.


Transforming Potential into Power

Strategy at Verndale is about providing you with the expertise to understand people and the inspiration to design the connected experiences that will move them. We start by analyzing what is—making sense of customers, their culture, your company, and your capabilities. Then, we envision what can be—a future for your brand experience that helps people do what they're trying to do and helps you get them there.


Our Expertise


Experience Analysis & Insightful Discovery

We delve deep into your customer landscape, brand, and competitive sphere, unlocking insights that guide your journey forward. Understanding where you stand, we illuminate the best path forward.

Experience Strategy

We pinpoint informed key areas on where to focus to win. Creating consensus and a unified vision, our expertise aligns your teams, offering guidance to make smart, high-impact decisions.

Customer Journey & Heat Moments

We identify pivotal moments in the journey by decoding your customers' behaviors, attitudes, and needs. Armed with this knowledge, we create experiences, orchestrating meaningful connections to drive substantial business impact.

Design Vision

We go beyond words to demonstrate how your strategy will come to life in a digital world. Imagine an optimal design, data-informed information architecture, and an intuitive user experience so you can witness your brand come alive, connect deeper with people at critical moments, and drive tangible business outcomes.

Requirements & Roadmap

We detail your business requirements, constructing a robust single source of truth capturing design, business, and technical essentials. This comprehensive roadmap paves the way for maximum business outcomes, guiding your journey with precision.

These folks help lead the charge

  • Jonathan Tatlow

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Christina Watts

    Senior Strategy Lead

  • Mary

    Mary Brown

    Experience Strategy Lead, Commerce

  • Dale Conour

    Dale Conour

    Experience Strategy Lead

  • Laura

    Laura Bernier

    Customer & Cultural Intelligence Lead

  • Laura Brown

    Laura Brown

    Strategy Lead

Success Stories

Aspen Snowmass | Verndale
One of the most coveted vacation destinations in the US needed a brand-vision and digital experience to reflect its world-class resort experience.

Taking a forward-thinking approach, Quinnipiac University launched a digital experience that engages with their diverse global community, attracts prospective students to campus, and outperforms in ...