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Elevate Your Ecommerce to New Heights

Customers seek connection, convenience, and seamless experiences in today's dynamic market. Your business's success relies on adaptability and growth-centric digital commerce solutions that uphold your customer-centric values. Go beyond mere online transactions to stay ahead of industry shifts and satisfy your customers with a solution that surpasses expectations. With decades of expertise and a legacy of generating billions in online revenue for our B2C and B2B clients, we don't just talk about ecommerce; we redefine it.

Commerce Solution - Verndale

It's Not A Do-Over, It's A Do-Better

Whether your success is built on high-touch interactions or a profound direct connection with customers, we understand the value of trust and personal relationships in digital commerce. Our seasoned Commerce team doesn't replace those pillars; we amplify and extend them through strategic digital solutions. It's not about starting over; it's about meeting your success with innovation.

E-Commerce Solution - Verndale

Our Expertise

Commerce Accordion

Digital Commerce Strategy

Success in ecommerce starts with insights, and your strategy is the compass guiding the journey. Leveraging stakeholder and customer intelligence and aligning with your objectives, we design a digital roadmap that embraces your business requirements. Our approach accelerates time-to-value by pinpointing low-hanging opportunities, leading you to quick wins and long-term success.

Ecommerce Platform Selection & Implementation

Selecting the right platform will help determine your long-term success. Equally paramount is its meticulous implementation and optimization to maximize conversions. We partner with industry-leading digital commerce tech, including BigCommerce, Optimizely Customized Commerce and Configured Commerce, Sitecore OrderCloud, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, ensuring your business runs on best-in-class tools driving the future of ecommerce.

Third-Party Integrations

Integrating CMS, ERP, CRM, PIM, and other third-party platforms is a strategic decision that improves efficiency, reduces costs, and enhances agility. Our approach prioritizes a connected experience, ensuring your back-office operations work as smoothly as your front-end.

Product Search

Empower your customers with seamless shopping experiences by prioritizing product search functionality. Our commitment extends beyond implementation by providing ongoing optimization services as well. Using powerful search tools like Solr, Elasticsearch, and Coveo, we ensure your customers can effortlessly find what they're looking for, guaranteeing a swift and satisfying browsing experience tailored to their needs.

Digital Operations & Optimization

Much more than managed services, we turn your tech investments into a powerhouse of positive outcomes. Whether on Sitecore, Optimizely, Salesforce, or BigCommerce, our award-winning, customer-centric services ensure your digital playground thrives. Partner with us to uncover what works, smooth out the bumps, and ride the wave of opportunities.

These folks help lead the charge

  • Jason Hedlund, VP Technology Solutions

    Jason Hedlund

    VP, Technology Solutions

  • Jeff Pratt

    Commerce Practice Director

  • Thomas John

    Commerce Practice Lead

  • Bill Cronin

    Technical Director

  • Greg

    Gregoire Bodson

    Senior Tech Lead

  • Oliver

    Olivier Morency

    Senior Tech Lead

  • Philippe

    Philippe Ouimet

    Enterprise Architect

  • Jay Schiappa


Success Stories

The leading electric and industrial distributor needed a solution to demonstrate digital competence and commitment to drive business through a comprehensive modern digital strategy.

IEWC gave us one primary objective – to make it easier for users to find the right product. With tens of thousands of wire and cable products to choose from, the buyer’s journey can get tangled.