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managed services

Every application requires proper care and feeding to ensure peak performance and maximize the ROI of your technology investment.

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  • 24/7 Production Support
  • Application Health Monitoring
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Service Level Guarantees
  • Application Enhancements

The Internet Doesn't Sleep, Even If You Might Have to

When things go bump in the night, will you hear them? Verndale’s Managed Services team tracks and responds to performance issues around the clock to ensure your applications are there when your customers need them. 

Verndale Managed Services

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    Always On

    Our deep experience in operating our partner platforms combined with the massive scale of Microsoft Azure means you get a highly available environment and a team who can resolve both infrastructure and application problems.

    Always WATCHING

    What good does it do you if your website is up but your contact form isn’t working? With both basic and advanced monitoring we can detect the more insidious problems, not just the obvious ones.

    Always the Right Scale

    With our cloud hosting, your environment can rapidly scale up to meet periods of high demand and then scale back down as needed.

    Always Releasing

    Our continuous improvement model focuses on delivering value quickly and regularly, with batches of improvements going to production at the end of every sprint.


      Digital Operations & Optimization

      Managed Services are a one component of our Digital Operations & Optimization program. This market-defining offering enables continuous improvement after launch through an agile model that provides access to the full spectrum of capabilities within our agency.

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      • VP, Digital Operations & Optimization

        Nate Palmer

        Nate has been honing his expertise in web application management, optimization, monitoring, and maintenance for 13 years. A former business owner and data privacy advocate and consultant, he has cross-disciplinary experience in all functions related to web applications.
      • Director, Infrastructure

        Mark Broehm

        With 20+ years of experience, Mark is an expert in Microsoft Azure and is interested in all things tech and information security. 

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