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2021 Optimizely Partner of the Year

The best-in-class platform for outcomes-based marketing and experimentation.

Unlock Your Digital Potential

Optimizely was acquired by Episerver in 2020, and the two companies came together under the Optimizely brand in 2021. Together they represent the end of digital guesswork, with the ability to deliver fast, targeted, proven experiences across content and commerce.


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    Browser-based WYSIWYG editor to test elements, images, layout, HTML and other front-end changes.


    Streamline the practice of increasing the percentage of users who perform a desired action on a website.


    Real-time understanding of the content you have at a granular level, why it engages your visitors, and prescriptive guidance on how to optimize the ROI of your content strategy.


    Leverage AI to enable engagement and conversions with personalized and seamless digital experiences based on a visitor's unique interests

    Actionable Analytics

    Use trusted real-time data, not opinions, to make informed decisions about your digital marketing.

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  • Strategy Director

    Christina Watts

    Christina finds the right mix of best practices, trends, and current research to craft digital strategies for businesses. Her specialty is creating long-range plans and digital road-mapping. 
  • VP, Experience Design

    Lisa Brown

    Lisa’s experience with large, complex web structures has given her an opportunity to create new and engaging interaction designs for faceted navigation, nomenclature approaches and creative direction as it pertains to consuming large-scale valuable content.
  • Senior Digital Marketing Manager

    Ryan Tepperman

    Ryan's spent a decade flexing his skills in SEO, content strategy and optimizations, and web analysis and tracking. He is also Verndale's in-house Voice technologies expert.   
  • Chief Experience Officer

    Tim Linberg

    With more than two decades of marketing and strategy experience, Tim specializes in customer experience strategy - aligning technology, brand, and business requirements to deliver better outcomes for everyone involved. He's focused on the future of customer experience, helping brands stay ahead of change, and has worked on everything from start-ups to multi-national organizations.
  • Digital Marketing Manager

    Shawn Haley

    Shawn's an all-around digital marketing expert:  with experience in SEO, inbound marketing, paid search, SEM, analytics, and technical optimization. His bread and butter is delivering data-driven digital strategy solutions that speak to the needs of clients. 
  • UX Lead

    Zachary Tetu

    Zac specializes in user research and high fidelity interactive prototyping and is passionate about data analysis and accessibility. 

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