White Paper

NECXT: The Future of Accessibility

Tim Linberg, Chief Experience Officer

As part of Global accessibility awareness day, we're exploring trend lines of website accessiblity & Inclusivity

This white paper is offered as a companion to Designing for Accessibility: How to Meet ADA Compliance, our recent assessment of the history and best practices for accessibility in web design. In Designing for Accessibility, we outline why and how organizations should be approaching design to ensure equal access for all. Building on that narrative, NECXT: The Future of Accessibility looks into the near future to track the trend lines for compliance and inclusivity and explore how they might intersect in the years ahead.

Download this free white paper to learn:

  • How regulatory enforcement is driving change
  • What business advantages there are for prioritizing inclusivity
  • What to expect from WCAG 3.0
  • What technologies are poised to impact the future of accessibility