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product data services

Create clarity out of product data chaos to increase efficiencies, increase your speed to market, and deliver a consistent message across all channels.

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  • PIM Needs Analysis and Audit Services
  • PIM Deployment and Integration
  • Product Taxonomy Development
  • Data Governance
  • Product Data Modeling
  • Workflow Development
  • Integration Strategy Development


Understanding how relationships between your product data and process is key to a successful PIM implementation. 
Implementation of a Product Information Management tool involves more than installing software. It requires an understanding of retail and wholesale data syndication, data governance, product taxonomy, and data lineage that reduces the cost of managing your product data while increasing the quality.


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    In the manufacturing and retail world, there is no single standard taxonomy or agreed-upon data model. To get your products on as many shelves as possible, we’ll help you enable complex connection points like 1WorldSync, Amazon, and Walmart.

  • Data Quality

    Data consistency is paramount if you want to unleash the true power of PIM, but product data quality issues cannot be solved by a tool alone. Taxonomy development, data modeling, and data remediation are just a few of the tactics we employ to help you wrangle your product data with clear-eyed consistency.

  • Systems Integration

    Building an integration strategy for product data doesn’t happen by accident. Our thoughtful approach will seamlessly connect the data between your source and destination systems to feed your product data further downstream.

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  • Director, Technology Solutions

    Jason Hedlund

    With over 20 years of CMS experience, Jason is a content management and ecommerce expert. He helps companies realize the value of their PIM solution.
  • Commerce Practice Director

    Jeff Pratt

    Jeff leads digital strategy and program implementation for Verndale's Commerce clients. His emphasis on the importance of business value when determining digital priorities helps companies identify and assert their unique value to their customers.