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Bienvenue chez Verndale!

Nous sommes ravis de collaborer avec l'équipe de Yaksa et impatients d'en savoir plus sur votre entreprise.

Comme vous le savez, une transition sans interruption des opérations est notre priorité absolue. Nous travaillons en étroite collaboration avec l'équipe de Yaksa pour garantir que vous continuez à bénéficier du service exceptionnel auquel vous êtes habitués, et cela restera au centre de nos efforts.

Dans l'intervalle, nous vous invitons à en apprendre davantage sur Verndale - nos employés, notre mission et nos valeurs, ainsi que notre point de vue sur l'expérience digitale et le commerce électronique. Nous sommes impatients de vous rencontrer et de bâtir sur le solide partenariat que vous avez établi avec l'équipe de Yaksa!

Our Story

We're a digital experience agency and implementation partner with decades of expertise in delivering web, mobile, and commerce experiences. Selecting the foundation for your customer experience is just the start. We amplify the strengths of your technology through exceptional design and unified extensible solutions, seamlessly breaking down user siloes, shortening pathways to conversions, and improving performance. Collaboration and transparency are our cornerstones, with your project's success and digital goals at the forefront. With our strategic technical alliances, we're helping push boundaries and contributing to industry innovation. Reimagine your digital experience through our data-driven approach – step by step or boldly all-in.


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Global Offices

Our Mission & Values

Be Relentless

We're persistent and creative problem-solvers with dogged determination to deliver. We don't settle. We never stop growing. And we always find a better way.

Do the Right Thing

In everything we do, we try to do it the right way. We're honest, empathetic, and straightforward. We don't hide from hard decisions. We put our clients and our people first.

Help Others Win

We move businesses and careers forward. Client and employee satisfaction are Verndale's most important KPIs. We invest in the communities where we live, work, and play.

All in Together

We believe experience is everything, from connecting clients with their customers to creating a workplace where everyone can thrive. We're one diverse team, pulling in one direction for our shared success and happiness.

Our Expertise

We make it our business to know yours

  • Manufacturing
    Brand manufacturers and distributors face unique challenges
    Our veteran team provides strategic technology, systems, and process solutions that connect the customer experience back to the bottom line.

    Manufacturing & Distribution

  • Education
    Future-proofing institutions during a time of unprecedented disruption
    In a time of rapid reinvention, the Higher Education sector is turning to customer experience technologies to bridge the digital divide.

    Higher Education

  • Financial
    Delivering on the promise of personalization has never been more important
    Achieving a one-to-one experience in these highly regulated industries requires strategic, technical, and creative dexterity – and a deep understanding of the rules of the road.

    Financial Services

  • Healthcare
    Experience technologies are impacting every corner of the Healthcare & Life Sciences sector
    Verndale's Healthcare Team helps networks, systems, and manufacturers optimize performance and efficiency at every touch point.


  • legal
    Claiming first-mover advantage in a disrupted marketplace
    An industry that had once been slow to adapt to digital transformation is now racing forward to leverage marketing technologies to create efficiencies and harness the power of data and analytics.

    Professional Services

  • Hospitality
    From casinos to ski resorts, dine-in to grab-and-go
    Verndale partners with forward-thinking brands in the Hospitality sector to make sure every aspect of the digital customer experience is as powerful and personal as the ones they have offline.


  • Retail
    Competing for clicks and looking to modern commerce solutions to enable business growth
    Verndale partners with specialty retailers to design and build digital commerce solutions that drive better business outcomes.


Our Leadership

  • Chris

    Chris Pisapia

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Sean

    Sean Connell

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Liz

    Elizabeth Spranzani

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Allen Schweitzer

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Chris Todisco

    Chief Financial Officer

  • David Kovner

    Chief Client Officer

  • Jonathan Tatlow

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Max

    Max Fresen

    Chief Experience Officer

  • Ross Lucivero

    EVP, Product

  • Ryan Moltenbrey

    SVP, Sales & Alliances

  • Nicole

    Nicole Johnson

    VP, Research & Development

  • Nate Palmer

    VP, Digital Operations & Optimization