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Bolting Toward Success with Google Ads

Hardware Specialty

Hardware Specialty
Hardware Specialty
Hardware Specialty

The Challenge

When you're in the hardware distribution business, diversifying your website traffic sources is essential to targeting key audiences and remaining relevant and competitive in the digital landscape.

Hardware Specialty, a prominent figure in commercial and military fasteners and electronic and electromechanical components since 1932, faced hurdles in effectively reaching new customers online. With around 80% of web traffic stemming from direct or organic search, the need to diversify traffic sources and strategically position the brand in front of the right audience was clear. Partnering with Verndale, the team launched Google Search Ads as a solution to achieve this sought-after online growth. Despite success in generating substantial website traffic and achieving high click-through rates (CTR), the conversion rate remained underwhelming, resulting in a high cost per acquisition (CPA). The challenge shifted, centering around optimization, with the new goal of increasing conversions without increasing advertising expenses.

Hardware Specialty

The Solution

Verndale harnessed the power of a robust keyword campaign foundation, strategically organizing high-impact keywords into focused clusters. These encompassed branded and non-branded terms and specific product categories while employing A/B testing for bidding strategies.

Verndale designed new campaigns and fine-tuned existing ones by meticulously analyzing Google Ads quality scores to evaluate website keyword performance and leveraging data from Google Analytics. This holistic approach entailed exhaustive keyword research, rigorous A/B testing, integration of negative keywords, adjustments to keyword matching, and optimization based on demographic, device, and location data. A pivotal strategy introduced by Verndale involved a comprehensive remarketing campaign targeting web visitors across different timeframes, culminating in an impressive average click-through rate (CTR) of 8.6%.

Hardware Specialty
Hardware Specialty

The Outcome

Launching the Google Ads campaigns with Verndale's support has successfully directed 30,000 new users to Hardware Specialty's website, which resulted in the most engaged traffic audience. This groundbreaking achievement triggered a phenomenal 44% increase in conversions, an impressive 42% reduction in budget, and a sharp decrease in cost per acquisition (CPA) by 60% in just four months.

Google Ads now stands as the third-highest source of conversions. These strategies boosted Hardware Specialty's website Quality Score, slashing cost per click and cost per mille. The result? A harmonized CTR that shattered records for new user activations and drove qualified conversions at an unprecedented pace.

44 %

Increase in Conversions

60 %

Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition

42 %

Budget Reduction

Hardware Specialty Hardware Specialty

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