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Making a Splash

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If you’ve ever been to SeaWorld, or any of its collection of theme parks, you know how incredible the experience is inside the park. We’re talking lifetime-memory-that-dolphin-understands-me-as-a-person kind of experience. SeaWorld came to us and posed a very challenging question: Can you replicate those amazing experiences on our park websites? Oh, yes we can.


Not every brand can spend a billion dollars on their technology platform. SeaWorld couldn’t. So instead, they had to outthink and outmaneuver the bigger players to create immersive, responsive websites that make the online experiences a pre-cursor to the live ones.


Verndale developed a flexible, scalable digital experience on Sitecore that’s easy to update and enhance, with custom marketing, eCommerce and back-office integrations. This enabled SeaWorld to leverage behavioral analytics to uncover visitor habits and needs, and also created ways to efficiently develop a faster time to market while elevating the brand’s visual language. We took disparate, older technology and completely reorganized, untangled and redesigned it in a way that benefited anyone who touched the environment – from visitor to administrator, to content author. In addition, UX enhancements & personalization efforts aided a multi-million dollar increase in incremental year-over-year ecommerce revenue across all three park sites.


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