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Verndale Benefits

Work Life

Work & Life

Work and life balance is essential and family care is paramount. We understand priorities in life shift and we want to be there to help. Learn about our benefits that lend a hand to balancing life, no matter where you are.

Flexible Hours & Work Anywhere

We get it - life's not just about work. We're all in for helping our team juggle work and personal lives smoothly, including offering adjustable start and end times, the option to take time off when needed, and a culture that promotes remote work. Tech keeps us tight-knit, no matter where we roam. Working from anywhere mitigates the stresses and expenses that come with commuting.

Unlimited Vacation & Holidays

No need to tally those vacation days. Verndale is all about balance, and we know that life is full of surprises. We're here to make sure taking time off is a breeze so you can focus more time on the things that enrich your life. Additionally, we give 11 paid company holidays yearly and honor the holidays you celebrate, offering custom holiday schedules.

Commuter Benefits

The journey to work matters. Our commuter benefits ease parking with hassle-free and secure parking on-site.

Sick Leave

Have the sniffles or need a doctor's visit? No sweat! You've got five paid sick days a year to use - for you, your appointments, or to look after a family member. It's all about taking care of you and your loved ones.

Volunteer Time Off (VTO)

Giving back is in our DNA. We give you two paid volunteer days per year to take time off to advance causes that mean the most to you.

Health, Well-Being, and Bonus Perks

From generous health coverage to recognition programs and personalized benefits, we've got you covered to optimize your healthcare, well-being, and growth.

Health Insurance

If you're full-time at Verndale, health insurance is part of the deal. Through our provider Salud S.A., we offer a level 7 corporate plan, for just you, you and your partner, or your entire family. The best part? The plan provides several choices of providers, and if you get sick there's coverage of $100,000 per disease for exams, consultations, treatments, and other associated expenses.

Parental Leave

Parenthood is a monumental experience. We think new parents should have the time they deserve for bonding and self-care. Verndale adheres to Ecuadorian law for parental leave, offering time to recover from childbirth and spend quality time with their newborns.

Excellence Program

Recognition is more than just a buzzword - it's woven into our culture. We live for milestone celebrations, encourage our teammates, and foster a space where earning certifications, going the extra mile, or pushing your limits comes with its own sweet rewards. Plus, our recognition platform offers bonus discounts and deals on getaways, clothing, and more.

Continuing Education Support

We're all about boosting your brainpower, whether it's through workshops, certifications, conferences, or online courses. Our goal is to help you improve your skills and advance your career so you can thrive.

Referral Bonus

We believe in the power of our team. Employee referrals bring strong candidates to Verndale, which we appreciate. As a thank you, we give a cash bonus for every employee referral who joins the Verndale team. You point, we hire, you score - it's a win-win.

Personalized Benefits

We value employees' loyalty and hard work. This program rewards seniority with points that translate to monetary value toward your choice of gift cards, travel and wellness stipends, and more. Your benefits kick in after your first work anniversary, and you can enjoy perks tailored to your personal interests and needs.