Case Study A New Launch Pad

Actually, This is Rocket Science.

Honeywell Aerospace builds avionics technologies that can be found in civilian aircraft, military planes, and even outer space. They are experts at manufacturing and innovating increasingly complex technologies. The one technology they needed help with was their website. So they turned to the rocket scientists of the web.
That’s us, by the way. Thanks.

Preparing Honeywell for lift off Design

Growth Strategy

Honeywell Aerospace moves fast. So fast that their content, insights and accomplishments change regularly and rapidly. Their user base is always on the go too, and comes

to their site often to devour information. Honeywell needed a user experience that was engaging, simple to navigate, responsive on mobile, and easily updatable.  Design for Tablet

Designing a first class experience  Design for Mobile

Experience Design

Everything Honeywell Aerospace does is modern, slick and impressive. Their website surely had to follow suit. Contemporary design was paramount. So was getting the user to the right content, and getting them there quickly. We made huge leaps with ease of navigation and improved the user path to get them to products and services faster. Better tagging ensured we served up the most relevant content first. And we improved the search capability with enhanced filtering and the ability to drill down into content.  Design for Tablet

Technology Enablement

We enabled single sign on which tied into the global Honeywell account management system. The entire platform as seamlessly integrated with core tools – including advanced Coveo site search, MongoDB, Salesforce profile and XDB contact cards + Sitecore 8.0 upgrade/implementation.

Sitecore Coveo Salesforce

Experience Optimization

With the transition to the new site, it was important that we didn’t miss a single beat. We seamlessly transitioned from the old architecture to Verndale Managed Services, and now we’re there 24/7/365 with continued support and enhancements to help the Honeywell team keep their site fresh, relevant and constantly humming.  for Mobile

Houston, we solved the problem.


With the new user experience and enhanced MarTech stack, lead-gen and client feedback are no longer getting lost in space. Honeywell's lead conversions are up by over 35% compared to their previous disparate experience (with no direct line to Salesforce) that often left contact attempts in a blackhole.

A new foundation built on multi-lingual support is getting users across the globe on all devices to the content they're looking for at light-speed. Both international and mobile traffic saw a bounce of 25%+ shortly after launch.

Houston, we solved the problem.