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Verndale EQ

Introducing the Verndale Experience Quotient (EQ) framework, a strategic tool designed and developed to gauge your organization's digital maturity and unlock growth opportunities. Our EQ Action Plan, informed by a comprehensive evaluation across core marketing channels, customer experience, technology, and operational strategy, ensures your digital investments yield maximum value for your organization and customers. With a blend of self-assessment, expert evaluation, and tailored recommendations, we're committed to enhancing your EQ and propelling your business toward meaningful, desirable outcomes.

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Unlock Digital Excellence

The Verndale EQ framework will help elevate your organization's digital prowess. Experience a clear path to growth as we reveal your digital strengths and opportunities, providing a tailored EQ Action Plan that maximizes the value of your investments and ensures customer-centric excellence. You'll benefit from comprehensive insights, clear benchmarking, goal setting, strategic guidance, and a proven roadmap for advancing your organization's EQ, all aimed at delivering exceptional outcomes for your business and customers.

EQ Assessment Activities

This comprehensive assessment will enable you to make data-driven and insightful decisions with targeted actions by focusing on four digital maturity core capabilities, 50 assessment criteria, and 29 experience heuristics.

Client Self Assessment

Kickstart the journey with a crucial first step to realign your goals, address challenges, and embrace your organization's digital objectives. Our assessment will shed light on core areas: marketing and customer experience, tools and technology, and your operations, structure, and strategy.

Subject Matter Expert Assessment

Verndale's subject matter experts boast a wealth of 150 combined years in diverse digital fields. With our seasoned expertise and proprietary EQ scorecard, we'll evaluate your experience and, where possible, benchmark against a handful of key competitors.

Your EQ Scoring

We expertly synthesize qualitative and quantitative data to present your final Verndale EQ scores and a custom Action Plan with recommendations. Our ultimate goal is to drive superior value for you and your customers, ensuring an exceptional experience. Before the final steps, you review to green light which initiatives are prioritized.

Roadmap and Assessment

At the final stage of the assessment, we'll unveil a roadmap, showcasing our entire team's commitment to your EQ Action Plan. Witness the alignment that will propel impactful and sought-after results.

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Whether you're pondering the perfect solution, embarking on a journey to optimize your experience, or boldly taking your customers and business where they've never been, we'll help you get there.

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