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Designing a Better Digital Experience to Fulfill a Mission

Yad Chessed


The Challenge

Yad Chessed, a nonprofit that simplifies financial and food support for the New England Jewish community, needed an online platform to streamline their services and resources for people needing immediate help. The organization required a new digital experience to break down barriers to accessing vital resources for people across 151 cities and towns. Yad Chessed understands the overwhelming challenges of food and financial insecurity, which is why they needed to build a user-friendly website that provides a seamless journey to aid those in need and build a stronger community.


The Solution

Verndale delivered a new site with a fresh look and feel to drive a reliable and consistent brand experience as individuals and families navigate the website and resource hub. The team designed a flexible system with the most up-to-date WCAG compliance standards to provide a seamless user experience.

We also streamlined technical and operational processes by upgrading their instance of Salesforce to Lightning and integrating Quickbooks, DocuSign, and Web-to-Lead configurations.


The Outcome

In a time when many feel isolated and distant from support networks, swiftly links people with resources, connections, and programs in a modern, accessible way. With the human-centric brand, the organization can now provide a digital experience as a pillar of support, providing resources for those who need access to it most.

With vibrant colors, humanistic photography, and a modernized logo, the Yad Chessed brand shines bright and clear. The updated experience and strategic Salesforce implementation bring a fresh look, operational efficiencies, and streamlined information.

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