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We turn hypotheses into proof points through smart, targeted experiments that enable better and faster decision-making.

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  • A/B, Multivariate & Multi-Page
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Customer Journey Enhancements
  • Design & UX Validation
  • Paid Media Optimization
  • Personalization Refinement
  • User & Usability Testing

Optimization As a Service

Here at Verndale, experimentation is both a practice and an ethos. We believe innovation is a constant, and evolution is iterative. Our Digital Marketing, Experience Design, and Technology teams leverage a test-and-learn methodology in every phase of every engagement. We use performance measurement as the cornerstone of data driven decision-making, and help clients maximize the value of their technology investments with an always-on approach to optimization of the customer experience.


We're leading the way with Optimizely (Episerver). Contact Verndale to learn more about this comprehensive solution for targeting, testing, and recommendations.

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  • Digital Marketing Manager

    Shawn Haley

    Shawn's an all-around digital marketing expert:  with experience in SEO, inbound marketing, paid search, SEM, analytics, and technical optimization. His bread and butter is delivering data-driven digital strategy solutions that speak to the needs of clients. 
  • Strategy Director

    Christina Watts

    Christina finds the right mix of best practices, trends, and current research to craft digital strategies for businesses. Her specialty is creating long-range plans and digital road-mapping. 

Plan, Execute, Analyze, Repeat: The Key to Successful Personalization

While the tools to execute personalization are important, the planning and methodology are at the heart of creating tailored experiences for users.

Plan, Execute, Analyze, Repeat: The Key to Successful Personalization

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